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What is the Connection Point?

Each GMI Connection newsletter offers a special resource or promotion. The following is yours to make use of and share.

Mobile App helps you pray for all nations...wherever you are!

OW Mobile App.jpgAfter the release of the English edition of Operation World in 2010, Joy Mission translated the book into Korean in 2011. The book was published in four volumes. Now, Joy Mission has released a Korean-language app available for Apple devices through the iTunes App Store:


OW Blue Logo.jpgThe app was distributed recently at Mission Korea, a large conference held in Seoul, South Korea, this past July. Shin-seon Jeong, a member of the Operation World team who is currently interning at GMI, tried out the app and said she is glad to have the OW content in Korean in a much more portable format.


The app is available for free download, with information for a single country. Once the app is installed, the entire book can be purchased for $9.99.



Accessing the Operation World eBook (English edition) on a phone or tablet

OW-pdf.jpgOperation World can also be loaded onto a phone or tablet after purchasing the eBook from GMI. For an iPhone or an iPad, a user can import the OW PDF from the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM into the iTunes library. In iTunes, chose File > Add to Library. Then, under the Books tab in the device's syncing settings, the OW PDF can be marked to sync. The OW book will then be available in iBooks, under the PDF collections. For Android devices, the PDF can be accessed with an app such as Adobe Reader after dragging the PDF into the device's folder on a PC.


Note that this technique will not result in a traditional app being added to a phone, but a readable PDF. The bookmarks are active, so that one can easily switch between countries. In this way, users can have quick access to nearly 1,000 pages of missions information on their phone!


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