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What is the Connection Point?

Each GMI Connection newsletter offers a special resource or promotion. The following is yours to make use of and share.

Future missionaries share impressions of 54 sending agencies

nl8-4.jpgYou can't send them if they don't know about you. GMI asked 900 future cross-cultural workers about their awareness and favorability of agencies, yielding valuable insights for mobilizers. If you work with a sending agency, this original research report is for you—and it's free when you complete a three-minute survey.


GMI updated its Agency Image and Awareness Study, fielded in 2010, for last month's Missio Nexus leadership conference. We surveyed people who are considering long-term cross-cultural service but who are not yet candidates with an agency.


We gathered their unaided and aided awareness for 54 sending agencies. Then we went further, asking them to describe their interactions with an agency they had communicated with.


The general report—including information on how to get agency-specific results—is available to all agency leaders and mobilizers willing to complete a three-minute survey. We need your impressions about a new resource!


Here's the survey link.


By the way, if you don't work for an agency and still want the report, click on the link anyway to find out how to get a copy.


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