Peoples’ Republic of China
March 24-April 5

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1 Yunnan is, ethnically, China’s most complex province

2 Yunnan’s indigenous ethnic minorities, numbering 16m in 208 ethno-linguistic peoples, are an immense challenge for the Church in China and the world

a) 205 peoples have no witness and no Christians, and a further 47 have less than 1% Christians

b) Only 23 peoples have responded in a significant way

3 The Han Chinese Christians are relatively few in number and there has not been much growth in either TSPM, house churches or the Catholics

4 Special issues needing prayer:

a) Bible translation is a massive unmet need

b) AIDS is becoming a problem to a number of border peoples

c) FEBC broadcasts in Lahu, De’ang, Miao, Jingpo, Lisu, Maru, Wa and Tai



1 Wenzhou is sometimes called the Jerusalem of China

2 Zhejiang house churches have done much to evangelize other parts of China through evangelizing migrant labourers

3 Since 1997 pressure on house churches has grown and some buildings destroyed by the authorities

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Geography - Yunnan Province

Area 436,200 In China’s mountainous southwest.

Population 42,030,000; 96 people/

Capital Kunming 1.9m.

Peoples - Yunnan Province

Han Chinese 68%.

Sino-Tibetan 20.6%.

Tai 7%.

Hmong-Mien 2%.

Hui 1.4%.

Religion - Yunnan Province

Buddhist, animist, polytheist and ancestor worship.

Geography - Zhejiang Province

Area 101,800 Prosperous coastal province south of Shanghai.

Population 45,152,000; 443 people/

Capital Hangzhou 6.39m.

Peoples - Zhejiang Province

Han Chinese 99.6%, speaking Wu and Putonghua.

Hui 0.4%.

Religion - Zhejiang Province

Secularism and traditional Chinese religions.

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