The Operation World 2001 Team
Book Development
Book Team


Operation World was created by a dedicated team at WEC International.

From left to right:

Lee Nicholson (New Zealand): copy editing, typesetting.

Terrie Jackson (front, Australia): filing, data entry.

Robyn Johnstone (USA): word processing, text review, editor.

Patrick Johnstone (UK): lead author, researcher.

Justine Garner (UK): research correspondence with field contacts, proof checking, agency listings.

Jason Mandryk (Canada): co-author, graphics and databases.

Not shown:

Michael Jaffarian: web link compilation.

Glenn Myers: index compilation.

Marko Jauhiainen: computer systems.

Maurice Manktelow: database programming.

Chris Lawther, John Longridge and Jonathan Manktelow: advice on design, layout, typesetting and graphics.

Jeremy Mudditt and Pieter Kwant: working with the Publisher to ensure printing, publishing and marketing.

Loren Muehlius: map production.

The thousands of friends, advisers and informants who provided information from around the world.

The many who prayed for us during the whole project.

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