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Fall 2002

Dear Praying Friends around the world,

Greetings once more from England. Thank you indeed for every prayer, all expressions of love and every communication.

Robyn and I are going through a period of major transition - as indicated in our circular at the beginning of the year. At last we can share more specifically about our future. We do value prayer for these items below.

Here are some of the key points for praise and prayer. This will be followed by a brief global assessment of the impact of September 11 on the world - and the changes to what we wrote in Operation World as of Sept 2002. The fuller version will be posted later on the website - also, hopefully, with some photographs!

Praise for Answers to prayer.

  1. Operation World - first printing is now nearly sold out. Both OW and Window on the World (Daphne Spraggett's development of Jill's book) won prestigious awards in the UK and USA Christian Booksellers Conventions.
  2. The Korean edition of OW was completed in time for a major missions conference in July 2002. Korea is now the second largest foreign missionary sending country. In our own agency, WEC International, it is only the considerable increase in the number of Koreans coming into the mission that keeps us growing in numbers.
  3. Operation World in other languages. A solution is emerging for the translation of OW into both Portuguese and Spanish - after a year of effort. The economic climate in Latin America has made everyone cautious about investing in such a publication. Pray for completion within the year of both editions. The German edition of OW [Gebet für die Welt] is nearing completion and should be printed by the end of the year. The exciting new editions are the two in Chinese - one for the Overseas Chinese and the other for the Mainland early in 2003. There is a growing vision for sending out 100,000 missionaries from China in a vision for "Back to Jerusalem" - via the Silk Road.
  4. The successful OW Launch Tours in the UK, Ireland, Australia and Singapore between September and April.
  5. A successful completion of Patrick's 22 years in the WEC International Office - I look back at years of harmonious and productive fellowship with wonderful colleagues. The handover to Richard and Evelyn Hibbert as Robyn's and my successors is complete. Pray for Richard and Evelyn! See details below.
  6. The on-going handover to Jason Mandryk and emerging team for a future edition of Operation World, and also for Jason's successful integration into OM ship life.
  7. The finding of a new home for us - in Cambridgeshire. Plenty of room for visitors! We are aiming at a move on 19 September if all the other parties agree. Please note our new address below.

Prayer Challenges.

  1. The WEC International Research Office [IRO] ceased to exist in June 2002. Over these years we majored on finding out where the least evangelized were, but to a great extent this task is complete. Praise the Lord! The massive info- collection of the past 20+ years is winding down. The new office is called International Department for Equipping and Advance [IDEA] with a greater emphasis on church planting strategies and team building under Richard and Evelyn Hibbert's leadership. This is to improve our quality of work in planting churches among the least evangelized peoples and areas on earth. Pray for them and their developing team.
  2. Intercon 2002 (WEC Leaders' Conference) was the final venue for us as part of the WEC International Office Team. It was a brilliant time of fellowship, meeting with God and new visions. Out of it all came two significant advance goals for 2008 - very much in line with the vision of our successors. Pray with us that we may:

    a. have 150 church planting teams worldwide
    b. mobilize 50 prayer networks for specific peoples.

  3. A future Operation World. We are handing over to Jason Mandryk, but because of his desire for wider experience before embarking on the next edition, he is serving on the MV Doulos for 2 years. In the meanwhile we will run a maintenance ministry for information and correspondence. It will mean a large task of address-changing as we relocate our home this month. Pray for this work that it will be both effective, yet not dominate our schedule. Pray also for Jason and his present and future ministry and for the location and composition of the core and wider OW production team of the future. You may access his prayer letter at <>.
  4. The re-location of Patrick and Robyn to Wisbech, Cambridgeshire in Sept 2002. We have sold our home in London, and are near to completing the purchase of a property with more space for both of our ministries and for visitors. We long to establish a balanced new life-pattern together with effective prayer, ministry and links with local networks. We are praying that the move might be during the week of 16 Sept. to maximize time for settling in the home and area. Pray that we find a good fellowship of Christians where we can both contribute meaningfully. The challenge is that Patrick can be either ignored (because missions are not a priority) or seen as a threat (because of international notoriety!).
  5. Robyn's ministry. Robyn's desire is not to seek ministry, but to wait on the Lord for clear leading and confirmation as to both local and wider involvement. Pray that she find fulfilment in whatever the Lord shows her for her being and doing. The latter will include music, time for craft/hobbies, hospitality and befriending as well as our ministries together.
  6. Patrick's ministry. Various components are emerging:
  7. a. Public ministry, but with limits on times away from home and overseas! One of the limitations is to ensure that each invitation accepted be strategic and help congregations and individuals become effective in the Great Commission. The following are emerging for the period after our 6 months off:

    24-26 JanSwansea, South Wales (WEC/OW-related)
    31 Jan-3 FebGermany - the launch meetings for the German OW. 9
    FebChessington Evangelical Church
    21-24 Feb Queens Park Baptist Ch, Glasgow
    18-28 MarUSA (Pennsylvania, Minnesota (WEC-Bethany Fell.)
    12-13 AprNew Malden Baptist Ch in Essex, UK.
    15-23? AprNigeria - keynote speaker at GoFest (NEMA)
    12-16 May CLC-UK Conference
    19-31+ MayHong Kong (WEC)
    1-8 JunMalaysia (WEC)
    b. Writing. We still want to give quality time to a visual OW. Jason made a start before leaving for the high seas. This will major on least reached peoples and on the statistical findings of the latest OW. Other writing projects are planned. c. My ongoing WEC role needs to be clarified. I will, of course, be an "ambassador at large", one suggestion is that I take on the new role of International Recruitment Coordinator. I do not want to be too tied by administration, so the nature and rightness of this and the parameters of the ministry need to be revealed to us all. Please pray! d. Modular teaching at missions training institutions (both in and outside of WEC). I would like to be open to give 1-2 week intensive courses. My time at Beeson Divinity School in January went well, and encouraged me to think in terms of more of this ministry. Pray for God's leading, and equipping. e. State of the World videos. We have now produced two of these, and both were well received all over the world.
  8. Family.

    a. Robyn's Mum is now settling in with Carla, Robyn's sister, having moved in January this year. She is not finding the change easy.

    b. Patrick's Offspring are all doing well spiritually and family- wise:

    Tim and Trina had their first little one - Eloise Jill in July. Tim continues as a fireman and are both actively involved in a local church.

    Ruth and Andy in the Middle East await their third daughter in their new City "A" in October. It looks as if the senior couple with whom they are working may have to leave the field leaving them responsible for the church planting ministry later next year. Pray for them. They send out a circular if any desire to obtain it.

    Peter is seeking a post as Deputy Head of School during this year while Julie continues her medical work in Dorchester Hospital. If they move at the end of this school year, Julie will seek other doctoring roles on a part time basis. They only can manage with an au pair. Pray that this all work out well during this busy year ahead.

The World Situation.

It is a year since the 11 Sept tragedies and we look at a considerably changed world. As we work towards a reprint of OW in the next few months we will need to give some recognition at appropriate points of the changes in the world that have taken place with small textual additions. Many of them are spin-offs from that cataclysmic event. I list a few of these assessments of the aftermath of September 11, 2002:

  • Negatives:

    Democracyis taking a beating with security legislation affecting freedoms and human rights in many countries. Oppressiveregimes have become yet more oppressive and cooperative dictators less challenged. The Poor are becoming poorer as the world economy slows - boosted by the shock of Sept 11. Loomingecological and health catastrophes have been put on the back burner. Ethnicand religious minorities are often being labelled and targeted as terrorists. Persecutionhas increased for Christians in many parts of the Muslim world - and beyond. A more rapid decline in long-term recruitment for missions in the West The Israel-Palestine conflict has worsened, with peace prospects all-but dashed by extremism. Acceleratedlevels of refugees fleeing wars and economic deprivation.

  • Positives:

    The wealthy nations lost some of their smug complacency and trust in humanly-guaranteed security. Capitalism'sbasic greed has been exposed by the economic downturn. The War against Terrorism has forced the Islamists on to the defensive, and discredited Islam for many. Increasedinterest and enquiries into the meaning of the Gospel all over the world of Islam. Increasedprayer for the unreached. The continued growth of the Church in the non-Western world.

  • In Jesus and for world evangelization

    Patrick and Robyn Johnstone

    Our Sending Base Address: WEC International, Bulstrode, Gerrards Cross, Bucks SL9 8SZ, UK. Reg UK Charity No: # 237005 Our new address: Ty-Newydd, Sandbank, Wisbech St Mary, Wisbech, Cambs PE13 4SE, England. [Ty-Newyyd = New House in Welsh.] Tel No. still uncertain. email addresses are unchanged. Patrick: or Robyn: or

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