Web Site Policy

Limited Permission to Reproduce Web Content.

A. No part of the Operation World Web Site may be reproduced in any form other than print, except for "fair dealing" use for purposes of research and private study or criticism, review and news reporting as permitted by the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, Parts 29 and 30 (Chapter III) or other applicable UK law.

B. Reproduction permissions: You may reproduce extracts from this work in printed form only for use by students, staff, members, participants or donors of schools, churches, nonprofit organizations, charities or unincorporated associations, provided that all of the following conditions are met. Reproduction of any material in electronic form or media, except as provided for in paragraph A above, is expressly prohibited.
1. No single printed distribution may contain more than the greater of twenty prayer calendar days, one appendix or other non-prayer-calendar section, or five percent of the total Operation World text corresponding to the printed book.
2. Such distributions are made at a cost to the end user not exceeding the distributing organization's actual cost of printing, production, and mailing.
3. Extracts do not misrepresent the meaning of portion of the Operation World content from which they are extracted.
4. Extracts are clearly delineated from other material and clearly noted as "From Operation World Web Site (www.operationworld.org), <date of download from Web site>. Copyright ©2001 Patrick Johnstone".
5. Extracts are either unmodified in factual content or have any altered text or data values individually marked and attributed to their underlying source.
6. If the total number of copies printed or distributed in physical media exceeds 250, a complete copy of the distributed document is sent to Patrick Johnstone, WEC International, Bulstrode, Oxford Road, Gerrards Cross, Bucks SL9 8SZ, United Kingdom, along with a statement of the number of copies printed, the nature of the audience distributed to, and the end-user cost, if any.

Additional Permission

For requests for additional permission to use, copy or distribute Operation World content, please send email to .


Approach to the Web Site

The authors of Operation World desire to see this work promote prayer among the people of God and serve as a global reference work for church and mission groups.

We seek to maximize the impact of Operation World, in many forms, including book, CD-ROM and Web site. In order to protect Operation World from abuse, we copyright the work, giving generous permission for Christian ministry uses.

This is our first attempt at putting significant Operation World content onto the Web. We are delighted to be able to do this, and we want to cautiously expand the content and functionality of this site, learning as we go along. Because the Web is a relatively uncontrollable media, we do not intend to put the entire contents of the Operation World book onto the Web.

We are committed to an on-going process of soliciting and evaluating feedback, corrections and updates. We carefully review all feedback, editing as needed, authorizing changes, and publicly posting approved changes on this web site.

We are continuously expanding and enhancing the Operation World ministry, including translations of the book into additional languages, additions to the Web site, and developing new Operation World-related prayer resources.

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