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OW Database - Existing BDE Patch
Database BDE Patch

Installation with Existing Borland Database Engine (BDE)

If the installer finds an existing version of the Borland Database Engine (used by many, often custom, software packages written in Delphi, Paradox, etc.), it issues a warning, but will allow you to continue the installation. Unfortunately, some Borland software modules needed to run the Operation World database are skipped by the installer in this situation. Click here to download bde-owdb.exe. Running this patch on your machine will install the missing modules, and will in most cases fix BDE-related problems with the Operation World database.


1. The above patch has gone through several revisions, as we have discovered additional Borland modules that are not installed in some existing BDE installations. The current revision is dated 26 March 2003. If you have tried an earlier version without success, you may wish to try this version.

2. Installing the Operation World database on a system with an existing Borland Database Engine is officially unsupported. We offer no assurance that continuing with the Operation World database installation beyond the warning screen, or installing the patch above, will result in a functioning Operation World database, or will not harm the software using the existing Borland Database Engine. Install at your own risk.

If this does not fix your problem, it is probable that the pre-existing application using the Borland Database Engine installed some components in a non-standard location. We cannot provide significant help in this situation. You may be able to obtain assistance from the provider of the application for which the BDE was originally installed. We would, though, appreciate reports of either success or failure using the bde-owdb.exe patch.

Please contact . to make such reports, or for OW database support issues not addressed in the Help section of the CD-ROM.

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