Operation World CD-ROM Technical Support
Tech Support

Primary Technical Support

Your primary means of technical support for the Operation World CD-ROM can be found on the CD itself and on this Web site.

Computer System Requirements

Please verify that your computer meets the specified minimum system requirements.

Help System on the CD-ROM

Refer to the technical support material that can be found using the Help menu on the CD-ROM itself.

Browser Software

For problems with the Browser software, refer to your browser software Help function (press F1 or click on "Help" on the menu at the top of the screen).

JavaScript Problems

Automatic selection of the current prayer day requires that the JavaScript language be enabled in your browser. JavaScript is turned on by default in most browsers, but some users have turned it off for added security. In Internet Explorer 6 and above, JavaScript can be turned on for CD-ROM content without enabling it for the web by enabling the Tools | Internet Options | Advanced | Security | Allow active content from CDs to run on My Computer. For other browsers, a Google search using keywords enable javascript your-browser-name your-browser version will generally find instructions for enabling JavaScript in your browser

Other Known Problems

View a list of known problems, bugs, and limitations, with fixes or "work-arounds".


Many people find needed solutions in the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Contacting Additional Technical Support

If, after consulting this web site, you need additional technical support, you may contact either the Publisher (Paternoster) or the Developer (GMI), depending on where you live.

When you contact Technical Support, please have the following information available:

1. The specific type of computer hardware and version of Windows or Macintosh Operation System you are using.

2. The exact wording of any error messages that appeared on your screen.

3. What happened and what you were doing when the problem occurred.

4. Mode setting, Memory, and Available Resources information (In Windows 95, 98 and NT, open either My Computer or Windows Explorer, click on Help, then click on About Windows xx. In Macintosh…).

Outside North America

Customer leaving outside North America may contact the Publisher for technical support at:
Fax: (+44) 01228 593 388
Telephone: (+44) 01228 512 512
Mailing Address:
Paternoster Publishing
Kingstown Broadway
Cumbria CA3 OHA
United Kingdom

In North America

Customers living in North America may contact the Developer for technical support at:
Fax: +1-719-548-7459
Telephone: +1-719-531-3599
Mailing Address:
Global Mapping International
15435 Gleneagle Drive, Suite 100
Colorado Springs CO 80921

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