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Mac "Pray Today" Patch

Macintosh "Today" Patch

Introduction: This patch addresses a known problem with the "Todays Prayer Summ.(IE)" Icon on the Operation World CD-ROM. As distributed, under some versions of Internet Explorer for Macintosh (including version 5.0 from the CD-ROM), the daily prayer summary is not found for single-digit days of the month.


  1. Hold down the Option key and click this Link to download "Operation World Today.htm".
  2. When the the file has downloaded, double-click Operation World Today.htm in the Download Manager.
  3. Press "Reveal In Finder"
  4. If you have set the download destination to a location other than your desktop, drag"Operation World Today.htm" from the download location to your desktop or other convenient location.
  5. The above procedure is for IE version 5.0, and may vary for other versions of Internet Explorer or if you are using a third party download manager.
  6. "Operation World Today.htm" assumes you are accessing the Operation World material on the CD-ROM. If you have moved the Operation World material to your hard disk, you will need to use a text or HTML editor to enter the actual location of the Operation World files the following line, which appears near the bottom of "Operation World Today.htm":

    location.replace("file:///Operation%20World%20CD-ROM/"+fname[strFileName] + ".htm");

    Note that the name of your Mac disk volume appears immediately after "file:///", with any additional folders following, separated by slashes, and with any spaces in the names replaced with %20. Thus, if you had moved Operation World to a folder called "Operation World" on volume "My Mac Disk", the line would be edited to read:

    location.replace("file:///My%20Mac%20Disk/Operation%20World/"+fname[strFileName] + ".htm");


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