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Windows NT Patch
Database NT Patch

Windows NT/2000 Multi-User Patch

Introduction: This patch addresses a known problem with the Operation World Database software under Windows NT, 2000, and XP configured for multi-user operation and where the OW Database cannot be run by other non-administrative user(s) after being installed by the (required) user with administrative permissions.


  1. Download NTpatch.exe
  2. If you have not completed the Operation World Database installation, do so before running the patch. If you were not logged in as a user with Administrator privileges when the CD-ROM was first inserted, it may be necessary to log in as an Administrator and re-run setup.exe on the CD-ROM to complete the installation.
  3. Run NTPatch.exe, also as a user with Administrator permissions.
  4. The Operation World Database software will now operate correctly when the machine is logged in as any user with sufficient privileges to run the database (essentially, read/write access to the database directory [default is C:\owdata]). Some functions of the OW Database software will work if the user has read-only access, but operation in this mode is unsupported and some functions are known to fail.


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