Operation World CD-ROM Technical Support
Computer Requirements
Computer Requirements
Supported Minimum Configurations:

Windows systems require: Pentium processor, minimum 100 MHz; 32MB RAM; Windows 95 or above; Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 or above currently installed or 50-70 MB free disk space to install Internet Explorer 5.5 from CD-ROM. Several functions require JavaScript to be enabled. Operation World Database application requires an additional 75MB free disk space for program and data.
Macintosh systems require: PowerPC processor, OS 7.6.1 or above, 32 MB physical memory with virtual memory on, and Netscape 4.0 or above or Internet Explorer 4.0 or above installed. Intallation of Explorer 5.5 on supplied on the CD-ROM requires approximately 20MB available disk space.

Search Function additional requirements:

Using the word search function requires substantial additional memory and disk space beyond minimum needed for Web browser:

Search capability on Windows additionally requires: Microsoft (Java) virtual machine. Most Windows 98, ME, and Windows 2000 installations include this by default; it is also included by default in the Internet Explorer 5.5 setup on the CD-ROM.

Search capability on Mac additionally requires: 200 MHz PowerPC processor or better; 128 MB RAM; MacOS 8.1; Netscape 4.76, Internet Explorer 4.0 or above installed with Java enabled; Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ) installed or 20 MB disk space available for MRJ installation from CD-ROM.

Unsupported configurations:

The main content of the CD-ROM is in HTML with extensive use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript, and is intended to be usable on any platform capable of mounting a Joliet (Windows) format or Mac HFS format CD-ROM and having a web browser with HTML, CSS, and Javascript capability equivalent to Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0. The search engine is a very large Java applet, and generally requires a recent Java implementation with just-in-time compilation and substantial available memory for effective use.

A portion of the content (the Operation World book itself) also appears on the CD-ROM as and Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) file. Some systems which are insufficient to run the HTML content, but which have Adobe Acrobat readers may be able to use this portion of the content.

No technical support other than that available on this web site is provided for those using the CD-ROM on unsupported system configurations.

Operation World Database

The optional Operation World Database application included on the CD-ROM installs and runs correctly under Windows 95/98/ME. With some restrictions and manual adjustments the application also installs and runs under most Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 installations. The database program installs and uses the Borland Database Engine (BDE), version 5.1.04. Users running existing database applications using earlier versions of the BDE should verify that their existing applications are compatible with version 5.1.04 before installing the OW Database.

Operating without a CD-ROM

Copying the full CD-ROM to your computer's hard disk will require approximately 400 MB disk space.




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