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Links to web sites for every region and country in Operation World, plus sites for various topics, along with summaries, ratings, and comments. Do you know of a great site that was missed? Submit your recommendations and reviews using the form at the end each web links page.


The Continuous Updating of Operation World

The Operation World team considers your feedback to be essential. Fresh input and corrections direct from those on-the-ground around the world assure that Operation World stays as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

New information received by the Operation World authors is seriously evaluated in light of existing information and is carefully edited for accuracy, grammar, style and security concerns. Please understand that we frequently receive conflicting information, and must make the best decision we can as to how best to communicate the true situation.

We are deeply committed to integrity regarding both the information itself and the sources of that information. Unless otherwise requested or designated, our policy is to include the identity of our information sources in the Operation World database. We are aware of the need for sensitivity and confidentiality regarding certain information and we deal cautiously with names and contact information when requested.

Submit data for next edition

Operation World is now accepting submissions of information regarding Christian denominations and missionaries for the new edition of the book. Do you represent or have reliable data on a denomination or mission? We would appreciate it very much if you could fill in the appropriate form and send it to us - it will help greatly in our attempt to comprehensively report on the global church and mission effort.

Survey letter

Information Guide

Church Denomination Survey

Mission Agency Survey



To suggest new web links, use the form at the end of each web links page.

To give feedback or suggestions regarding this Web site, please send email to .

Send updated/corrected information to the Operation World authors.



We have already received significant feedback and are in the process of continuously reviewing your suggestions for corrections, additions and updates. Before sending a suggested change to the authors, you might wish to take a moment to review the Operation World Errata - the list of corrections and additions that have already been approved.

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