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CIA World Factbook (
  A series of detailed country profiles, with only very brief information on religion or society.
  Covers a thoroughly comprehensive list of nations, countries, and territories, down to the tiniest. Brief, largely statistical information on geography, people, government, economy, and more. Unsure as to the updating schedule.
Countries of the World (
  An education-oriented website with profiles on every country in the world, including history essays.
  Part of the Infoplease network of informational/educational websites, like a large online almanac.
Geographia (
  A series of very attractive, beautifully illustrated country profiles. Emphasis on tourism features.
  Limited content. No statistics or links. Not all countries are covered.
Library of Congress Country Studies (
  A series of online books - extensive country profiles, covering many topics, including religion.
  Full text online version of a series of books produced by the USA Library of Congress Federal Research Division, the Area Studies/Country Handbook series, sponsored by the USA army. 101 countries and regions are included; notable omissions include major Western countries. They were written between 1988-1998, so some information is older. Very good coverage of history, society, economy, politics, national security, institutions, and culture. Each includes a section on religion. Maps and charts require Adobe Acrobat Reader. (
  Commercial Web directory with a separate page/Web guide for every country.
  News, business, art, culture, history, etc. for each country. Some countries covered better than others.
Atlapedia Online (
  A set of brief but good country profiles for nearly all countries.
  The history sections for each are good. No special category for religion. The maps section is weak. By Latimer Clarke Corporation, an educational publisher.
BUBL Link 5:15 (
  A set of annotated country Web guides, by a U.K. national information service for higher education.

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