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(OUT OF PRINT as of 12/31/97)

20:21 Library of Mission and Evangelism Resources on CD

"As the Father has sent Me, so send I you..." (John 20:21)

The 20:21 Library puts a wealth of information at your fingertips: missiological books, bibliographies, directories, databases, papers, reports, maps and graphics brought together on a CD. This powerful software gives you quick and easy access to this invaluable information for your ministry research.

While the 20:21 Library is a high-tech tool, you need not be a professional librarian or computer expert to understand and operate it. This software was designed to be simple, affordable and relevant for church leaders, missionaries, mission agencies and training centers as well as scholars worldwide. It has been tested through intensive seminars with scholars and leaders around the world.

A FEW of the Collections on CD#1

Mission Books, Reports and Papers





Find the Information You're Looking For

Here you will find a vast amount of missiological information all in one place, including mission books, articles, charts, maps and graphics. Now you will be able to serve your school, church, library or ministry with an extensive collection of mission information resources. The comprehensive bibliographies identify what books, articles and papers have been written on the topic of interest to you and where they are located. Read and study the full text of leading mission books, then "cut and paste" excerpts into your own documents.

Save Time, Money, and Energy

For quick mission reference, nothing beats the 20:21 Library. Since every word in every document and bibliography is indexed, and the databases and directories are indexed on all major fields, you can quickly locate the specific information you want. Study the Bible in six different languages, with the KJV linked to Greek/Hebrew lexicons and nine different Bible commentaries. Export text, charts, graphs and databases into documents you are creating. Easily produce reports, lists, and maps to print and distribute for your ministry.

Find the Ministry You're Looking For

With a quick search of the directories and powerful query functions you can find out who's working in which country, doing what kind of ministry, along with names, addresses, telephone, and fax numbers of people around the world.

Increase Your Understanding of Missions

Increase your understanding of what God is doing in the world today via this rich collection of mission information resources all in one place. Dive into some of the latest, most significant mission books and databases to find just the answers you're looking for. Add your own bookmarks, notes, highlighting, and print or export a custom document. A "dream-come-true" for pastors, mission leaders, and scholars who require in-depth research and networking.

Access Information Never Before Published

The 20:21 Library is practically the only place you can access certain strategic mission bibliographies, databases and documents -- some never before published.

Minimum System Requirements for 20:21 Library

Windows 3.1, DOS 6.2, 386DX, 2X CD-ROM drive, 4MB RAM, 10.5MB hard disk space. Click here for technical support information.


The development of 20:21 Library was supported by a grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts