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Breakthrough! 2nd Ed A beginner's guide to doing field research on your own ministry situation

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Breakthrough! 2nd Edition


Prayerful Productive Research in Your Place of Ministry

Electronic Price: $21.95

Printed: $29.95

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by Stan Nussbaum

A new training manual combining prayer and field research for a breakthrough in your ministry situation

Description. What is it?

Breakthrough! is an on-field, on-the-job training manual designed for missionaries who want to better discern God's direction in the perplexities of their work. It is available in print and electronic versions. The electronic is about 50% longer because of supplemental explanations and examples hyperlinked to dozens of places throughout the body of the text.  


The unique and practical Breakthrough! method combines field research and prayer to help missionaries either get fresh perspective and renewed hope about a problem in their ministry or get better understanding of why some particular thing is working so well. Insights gained allow workers to adjust their methods, greatly increasing the probablility of a breakthrough in their area of concern.


In the world of mission, many of God’s servants today are half-way to a breakthrough. They have made their commitment to cross-cultural mission, thrown themselves willingly into Christ’s service, and perhaps already begun to see some results. But they have also noticed that some part(s) of their ministry are not nearly as fruitful as it seems they should be. For some time now they have been praying about these puzzling concerns and probably discussing them with fellow workers, but they do not seem to be making much progress by any of the means they have tried so far.

Purpose. Why buy it?

The Breakthrough! manual is a tool missionaries can use to regain their momentum in heading for a practical breakthrough in ministry. It maps out ten steps that lead on from that frustrating half-way point all the way to a blessed breakthrough. Following these steps, they can move from where they are to where they want to be, fruitfully serving the Lord.


The key to the ten steps is the neglected skill of listening. By sharpening their skills of listening to God and listening to other people, Breakthrough! users get better at discerning God’s will and taking inspired action that leads to real breakthroughs.


Breakthrough! users learn to combine research and prayer so they continually grow in ministry and are equipped with the tools to to take advantage of opportunities as the they arise.

The manual helps missionaries...

  • more accurately discern God's will for their ministry
  • focus on a recurring problem and resolve it
  • take some of the guesswork out of long-range or annual planning
  • find the handles on a new but confusing ministry opportunity
  • decide whether to pursue graduate studies related to their ministry

Whether the manual is used by an individual worker or as part of a strategic planning exercise for a team, the aim is the same—better mission based on better listening.

Practicality. How does it work? What questions is it helping people answer?


One-week workshop + 4 mo. e-mail coaching; MA in Organizational Leadership, Nairobi Evan. Grad. School of Theology:

A Kenyan Bible translator observed that his agency took meticulous care to train translators to produce high quality translations, assuming that strong churches would result. But in two groups with recently completed New Testaments, the churches were very syncretistic and nominal. What was going on? What could the agency do differently?

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Endorsements. What are mission leaders saying about Breakthrough!?

The Breakthrough! process is an excellent and simple tool for anyone facing a major issue or decision. Its practical steps make it easy to apply in an organizational context. It also has the secondary impact of sharpening one’s daily observation and learning skills contributing to more effective decision making in day-to-day responsibilities.― Ray Sanford, Executive Vice-President, OC International

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Preview. Can I see parts of the book right now?

Of course. We understand you may want to "try before you buy", so we let you:

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The Breakthrough! manual works best when paired with Stan Nussbaum's personal coaching. For more information on personal coaching for Breakthrough! projects, check out our training opportunities.

Other Information

Breakthrough! Prayerful Productive Field Research in Your Place of Ministry, 2nd ed.
Published by GMI Research Services, 2011
Printed version, 139 pages, 8.25 x 10.5 inches
Electronic version, 202 pages, including many supplemental examples and instructions
Price: $21.95 for the electronic verion; $29.95 for the printed version; $32.95 if purchased together

Many worksheets, illustrations, diagrams, and tables