Evangelical Christian Missions: An African Perspective

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Evangelical Christian Missions: An African Perspective

Peter Vumisa, Editor 




eBook price: $9.99



What makes the African Missions Movement unique? How will the African Church respond to the call of global mission? What are the challenges facing the growing number of missionaries and missions senders in Africa? Explore these issues and many more in this one-of-a-kind resource.

This book will help those involved in African missions to:

  • Dispel the myth that Christianity is a foreign religion imported to the African continent by the white man.
  • Develop a solid Biblical rationale toengage with the task of missions.
  • Change from seeing yourself as either a target of missions to becoming the practitioner of missions.
  • Understand how to mobilise your church for missions.
  • Develop effective methods of raising support for your mission programs.
  • Rethink your position and strategies on child evangelism.
  • Understand the important role women play in missions.
  • Know and understand the real mandate of Christian NGOs.
  • Understand the importance of research and prayer when your church engages in missions.