Our Anchor In A World Adrift

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With countless statistics vying for our attention,

how can we know what is REALLY happening in the world?


What if defining and understanding our world could be summed up in 7 statistics that reflect the realities of the world around us at this point in time? What if those same 7 stats could be used to clearly show the Church how to better serve The King? See how you score on the quiz to the right.


GMI has gone beyond writing a practical book and has developed tools to help you share your new, expanded understanding with those in your church, small group, or Bible study.

our anchor Our Anchor in a World Adrift is a book that outlines the facts and paints the bigger, broader world view shown through each of the 7 stats. Then it shares ideas of how we can utilize that information to reach out in Jesus’ name.
The 7-day reading plan, available free through YouVersion, provides one clear Bible-anchored thought to chew on each day for a week…or each week for a 7-week study!
missiographic The accompanying Missiographic is a colorful way to display the facts and open up discussion on the 7 stats. It also links to an accompanying web page that dives deep, offering ways to pray, apply, and engage others with this information.
 ppt The all-new slide deck makes it super easy for you to teach through these 7 stats. All the preparation has been done for you.


Still not convinced? Download a sample chapter from the book FREE!


This complete bundle, with everything you need to teach these 7 vital stats, is just $14.99 todaythe retail cost of the book alone.