Crossing Cultures with Ruth STUDY GUIDE for Christian Workers

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Crossing Cultures with Ruth: Study Guide for Christian Workers


by James Nelson and Marti Wade


Available in print and ebook formats.


79 Pages | 7.5 MB download


Download Table of Contents and Sample Chapter.


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"Your people shall be my people…"


Crossing Cultures with Ruth balanced current mission research with ancient wisdom to show how an Old Testament heroine could be a role model for today’s Christian workers.


Now, see how you and your team can apply what you’ve learned from Ruth’s cross-cultural journey in this Study Guide that’s perfect for: 
- Personal development and journaling
- Training and on-boarding new staff
- Mission retreats and conferences
- Discernment process for new candidates
- Agencies and churches that send missionaries
- Believers praying for the harvest.


Written with veteran mission mobilizer, strategist, and writer Marti Wade, Crossing Cultures with Ruth: Study Guide for Christian Workers provides you with detailed, practical guidance on the challenges you face in your work. This Study Guide will challenge you to:
- Cross cultures wisely and boldly
- Identify with those you serve
- Remain effective on the field
- Minister out of your own life experience


Combining biblical wisdom and insights from Fruitful Practice Research about mission effectiveness, this Study Guide will help you create a road map for your own journey of global service.


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