Crossing Cultures with Ruth Lessons on Thriving in Mission

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Crossing Cultures with Ruth: Lessons on Thriving in Mission

by James Nelson

Available in print and ebook formats.


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"Your people shall be my people…"


When Ruth the Moabite said these powerful words, she was modeling a form of cross-cultural life that is essential for men and women who seek to serve God today.


The book of Ruth is little studied today, but veteran missionary researcher James Nelson introduces Ruth as an essential companion to men and women working as cross-cultural servants, teachers and missionaries. 

Crossing Cultures with Ruth offers Kingdom workers encouragement and inspiration as they discern and work out God's call in their lives. The book also provides practical insights based in Nelson's years of Fruitful Practice research into the best means and methods of missionary outreach.

Here are just a few of the lessons from the book of Ruth:

  • Commit to and identify with those you serve
  • Cross cultures boldly
  • Know how to remain on the field effectively
  • Minister out of your own life—and out of your own loss
  • Earn your reputation so that it can be spent
  • Trust in the Master’s partnership and promises 

Who should buy this book?

  • Believers prayerfully considering God’s role for them in Christ’s Great Commission.
  • Those preparing for the mission field.
  • Those on the field wanting to dig deeper into a Biblical model.
  • Missions leaders and trainers.
  • Missions pastors and committee members.
  • Individuals, agencies and churches that send missionaries.
  • Educators.
  • Everyone interested in God’s glory among the nations!

Makes a great study for your missions recruits, trainees and missionaries!  Purchase bulk copies and save up to 40%!  You can even have them imprinted with the name and contact information of your agency, fellowship or college.  

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About the Author

James Nelson is a researcher and missiologist who has served in Eurasia and Southeast Asia. He serves as Vice President of Global Mapping International and as Senior Research Associate for Fruitful Practice Research.

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