Decision Time Making Your Ministry Choices Count

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Decision Time: Making Your Ministry Choices Count

by Shini Yesudian Abraham

Foreward by Ravi Zacharias


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Our choices matter.
How do you make tough ministry decisions?


We asked dozens of congregational and organizational leaders how they make the tough decisions they face every day. Now you can learn from these leaders how to make wise and godly choices.


Based on GMI's detailed interviews, original research, ministry case studies, and leadership focus groups, Decision Time reveals how Indian leaders utilize prayer, Scripture, personal calling, advice from respected elders, and other assets to decide what their churches and ministries should do.


Journey with author Shini Yesudian Abraham as she introduces you to three kinds of leaders–Influencers, Initiators, and Implementers–working at the forefront of dynamic kingdom work in India. Decision Time will help you and your co-laborers.

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