Jesus Was a Refugee

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Jesus Was a Refugee

a GMI Digital Single

by Patrick Johnstone with Dean Merrill

Available in ebook formats.


Portions of this GMI Digital Single will also appear in this GMI book:

Serving God in a Migrant Crisis:

Ministry to People on the Move


By Patrick Johnstone with Dean Merrill


Due out in March, 2016



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That's how people describe today's bigger-than-ever flood of global refugees and migrants. But people have been on the move since the very beginning of human history.

            How do we know? The Bible tells us so. As Patrick Johnstone and Dean Merrill show us, Jesus was a refugee.

            So was Abraham.

            So was Joseph.

            So was Moses.


From "Them" to "Us"

Today when people talk about "the immigrant crisis," one word is repeated over and over.


            We think of migrants are those people. They're the "other."

            But the Bible shows that the immigrants and refugees are us.

            God's first people moved from place to place.

            Later on, Jesus had nowhere to lay His head.


Counsel Amid Chaos

Today, many people are scared to death of the immigrant crisis.

But Patrick Johnstone and Dean Merrill want us to remember something as we address the tragedy of millions on the move: God has used migration for millennia to achieve His purposes for His people. He is doing so again in our time.

            Do you want to play your part in this unfolding drama? Then Jesus Was a Refugee can help.