Know & GO Informing and Inspiring Global Mission

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Know & Go: Informing and Inspiring Global Mission

Editor: Jon Hirst



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Before you GO, you need to KNOW!


From the Apostle Paul to William Carey to Billy Graham, the Church’s greatest evangelists and missionaries combine zeal with real-world data about the people they seek to reach.

Today, Christian servants combine passion, data, and the latest research innovations to better understand the people they serve.

Featuring contributions from top researchers with GMI, OC International, and Joshua Project; a foreward by Dr. Paul Eshleman of Campus Crusade for Christ; and a gallery of color maps, Know & Go brings together theology, research theory, and practical insights to help ministries maximize their impact.

God has called us to reach the world. Let’s honor that call by using the best available tools to learn all we can about the world’s people and cultures.