Missiographics 1.0

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Missiographics 1.0:

Visualizing the Great Commission

by Justin Long



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"In terms of Christian missions, perhaps no ministry is better suited to the task of making data come alive for cross-cultural Christians and agencies than GMI. GMI has been at the forefront of gathering, sorting, and making data useful for over thirty years. It is not surprising that GMI has taken the lead in this task; their hard-won experience makes them the ideal ministry for developing and shepherding the ongoing missiographics project (www.missiographics.com) that has resulted in this book." - Dr. Scott Moreau, Associate Academic Dean of Wheaton College Graduate School and Professor of Intercultural Studies


In an age of data and information overload, images may be the best way to tell the story of global missions.


Missiographics 1.0 is a sweeping visual narrative that draws you into the realities of our world and God’s global Church. With short visually designed chapters, each infographic is accompanied by analysis to help you understand the issue and engage others with it.


Based on GMI's popular Missiographics Service, this book presents the exciting data on the spread of the gospel through compelling visuals that help Kingdom workers, mission leaders, mobilizers, teachers, and students see the world through new eyes.


The topics range from literacy, poverty, women’s issues, Christianity in the Middle East, global Scripture usage, the country of Indonesia and online trends in recruiting missionaries.


"Each of these issues play a significant role in the completion of the missionary task. These infographics, and the discussions they spark, will help regional and national leaders understand these issues better, and incorporate them into their strategic planning,” said Justin Long, author and Missionary Researcher with Act Beyond.


“While you can find out information about all of these issues in many ways, few will be as engaging, accessible and dynamic as Missiographics 1.0. This is a powerful decision-support tool for anyone involved in global ministry,” said Jon Hirst, Publisher and CEO of GMI.


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