Missiographics 2.0

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Missiographics 2.0:

Visualizing the Great Commission

by Gilles Gravelle

Forward by Dr. Michael Oh


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Timeless Message, Timely Challenges




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Progress Report on the Great Commission


Have we reached the unreached?

Who is ministering to the world’s unprecedented number of refugees?

How do countries cope when clean water is scarce?


You can see the progress missionaries and agencies are making, along with the continuing challenges they face, in Missiographics 2.0.


Missionaries once told their stories in prayer letters and flannelgraph presentations. Now, you can visualize the progress of the Great Commission through powerful graphics that illustrate key trends and statistics.


Christian servants, mission leaders, mobilizers, and teachers can use these graphics to paint a compelling picture of the successes and tensions of contemporary mission outreach:

  • How can we reach people who haven’t yet heard the gospel?
  • What tensions and challenges will mission leaders face tomorrow?
  • What’s happening in Africa, Brazil, Ukraine, and other areas of the world?
  • Are missionaries more dedicated than corporate workers?
  • How generous are today’s Christians?
  • How are we combating disease, dirty water, and superstition?


Stunning graphics illustrate the best available data on the spread of the gospel, and veteran missiologist and researcher Gilles Gravelle fills in the gaps with a detailed text that teases out the implications of the trends that are changing our world.


At a time when people are drowning in information overload, Missiographics 2.0 tells a complex and urgent story in ways that are easy for readers to understand and act upon.


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