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Chosen as one of the
"Fifteen Outstanding Books of 2005
for Mission Studies"

by the International Bulletin of Missionary Research

A Reader's Guide to
Transforming Mission

A concise, accessible companion to
David Bosch's classic book
by Stan Nussbaum

Price: $17.95

160 pp., Paperback, Orbis Books (March, 2005)

Part of the American Society of Missiology Series

Includes Diagrams, Tables, and Index



Missionaries, mission administrators, mission students and other mission thinkers may shout for joy at this book. Some of the best insights of David Bosch's masterpiece, Transforming Mission, have been distilled into 163 pages of clear English, peppered with tables, diagrams, discussion questions, and cross-references to the corresponding sections of Bosch's own work. Stan Nussbaum, a student and friend of Bosch, accurately re-presents Bosch's thinking.

Readers of the Guide will find their thinking and their potential as gospel communicators enriched by the book. They may come to see the gospel itself from a fresh perspective, its glory brighter and clearer than ever before. Their understanding of mission, evangelism, contextualization and many related themes will be stretched and stimulated. They will be able to recognize the ways that the secular ideas of the Enlightenment have affected their own practice of mission, whether willingly or unconsciously. In a word, they will no longer need to feel lost in today's world. They will be equipped to cope with the fact that they live at the end of the modern era and the beginning of an undefined one.

Following the chapter structures of Bosch's book, roughly 1/3 of the Reader's Guide is about models of mission in the New Testament, 1/3 about mission in four eras of church history, and 1/3 about what Bosch proposes as an emerging model of mission. Whether used on its own or while flipping back and forth into Bosch, the Guide will help readers see the panorama of mission from the New Testament to today and help them design the mission of tomorrow.




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