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A Reader's Guide to Transforming Mission

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables
Preface to the ASM Series
Introducing David Bosch, His Context, Assumptions, and Agenda
Bosch's Introduction to Transforming Mission: Is Christian Mission a Thing of the Past?

Part 1: New Testament Paradigms (pp. 11-42)

1. The New Testament as a Missionary Document
2. Disciple-making: Matthew's Model of Mission
3. Transcending Class and Ethnicity: Luke's Model of Mission
4. Making the Most of the Grace Period: Paul's Model of Mission

Part 2: Paradigms in Church History (pp. 43-84)

5. The Concept of Paradigm Change in Church History
6. Good Ideas of Life and Love: The Missionary Paradigm of the Eastern Church, AD 100-600
7. Filling the Master's House: The Missionary Paradigm of the Roman Catholic Church, AD 600-1500
8. Justification by Faith: The Missionary Paradigm of the Protestant Reformation, AD 1500-1800
9. Enlightened Mission? The Fragmented Missionary Paradigm(s) of Protestantism, AD 1800-2000

Part 3: An Emerging Paradigm (pp. 85-155)

10. The Enlightenment Worldview Unraveling
11. Church and Mission in Flux
12. Elements of an Emerging Paradigm of Mission

A. The Source of Mission--The "Missio Dei"
B. The Goals of Mission--Salvation and Justice
C. The Activities of Mission--Evangelism and Contextualization
D. The Bearer of Mission--The Whole Church in the Whole World
E. The Limits of Mission--Its "Witness" Nature and Its Time Frame
F. The Study of Mission--Missiology and Theology

13. Mission in Many Modes
14. Responses to Bosch


A. Table 15: Twentieth-Century Mission Conferences and Documents
B. Authors Most Quoted by David Bosch
C. Index

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