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A Reader's Guide to Transforming Mission

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Table 3

Summary of Some New Testament Models of Mission



Self-understanding of author and audience


Key concept

Key text



A disciple helping other Jewish disciples widen their mission beyond Judaism


Kingdom of God

Mt. 28:18-20

Carry the good news


A former outsider (Gentile) helping God's new inter-ethnic community understand its identity and mission

Transcending boundaries

Holy Spirit

Lk. 4:18-19

Go with the Spirit


A Jewish persecutor turned apostle helping Jew and Gentile converts of his mission understand their conversion

Time (grace period)


Gal. 1:1-5

Seize the day


Mission is the core of who we are, not an incidental matter. We have to adapt our mission as our situation changes.

God's new action in the Messiah calls for a new response from everyone.

God's liberating influence is arriving among us with present and eternal implications.

God sent Jesus and he sends his messengers.

Be proactive. Tell the whole world about the Messiah.


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