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Peoples of the Buddhist World
CD-ROM Edition

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The world's 690 million Buddhists need Christ. What can one person do?

A simple first step is to equip oneself with good information about Buddhist people - information to pray effectively, information about how to share the gospel in an effective and sensitive way, information to motivate yourself and others to action.

Toward this end, Global Mapping International is pleased to announce the CD-ROM edition of Paul Hattaway’s extensively-researched and beautiful guide, Peoples of the Buddhist World.

See sample people profile (PDF)
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Peoples of the Buddhist World CD-ROM
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The Peoples of the Buddhist World CD-ROM is a great resource for:

mission leaders - comprehensive, compact, easy-to-use profiles and relevant statistics make it easy to do initial research and planning for ministry initiatives among Buddhist peoples.

field workers - this easily-transportable guide gives insights into ministry dynamics and context and provides better understanding of where Buddhist peoples are located.

workers raising support - 238 people profiles in a handy electronic format useful for ministry presentations. Permission is given to copy and paste graphs, text, maps and photos for use in personal, non-profit ministry presentations.

development staff - an attractive and desirable promotional item for donor relations efforts.

ministry partners - information, insights and visuals to stimulate well-informed prayer for ministries among Buddhist peoples.

church mission pastors and committees - beautiful colored photos, maps and statistics boxes make it easy to highlight any particular group during a "missions moment" or for mission initiatives.

educators - offers students a comprehensive, compact resource for personal research, study and ministry preparation.

concerned christians - each of the 238 people profiles is date-ordered and easily referenced for use as a daily prayer guide for Buddhist peoples.


Peoples of the Buddhist World CD-ROM contains hundreds of beautiful, full-color photos, complete profiles of 238 Buddhist people groups, twelve articles on ministry to Buddhists, and hypertext cross-reference indexes of names, languages and countries.

This GMI resource is enhanced with 38 brand-new maps of the Buddhist world, hyperlinked to the corresponding people profiles in a user-friendly PDF format.

Text, graphs, maps and photos may be copied and pasted for customized, non-profit presentations.

Search for any word of phrase in the CD-ROM using Adobe Reader (included).

Compatible with both Windows and Mac
Installable to hard disk

The Peoples of The Buddhist World CD-ROM gives one the option to install the content of the CD to one's hard disk, enabling faster searches without the need of the CD-ROM in the drive.


Each CD-ROM is packaged in an attractive, durable DVD-style case showcasing the beautiful cover art.

Peoples of the Buddhist World CD Case



The People of the Buddhist World CD-ROM is priced at $24.95 each (shipping and sales tax extra, where applicable).

Bulk Order Discounts
for 5-24 copies $19.95 each
for 25-49 copies
$17.45 each
for 50-99 copies
$14.95 each
for 100+ copies $12.48 each
Bookstores: Please contact GMI at the number below for bookstore pricing.
Technical Notes

The CD content is in Adobe® PDF format and may be read on Windows, Mac or other platforms supporting Acrobat® Reader® or Adobe Reader, version 4.0 or above. Adobe Readers for Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP, and Mac 0S 9 and X are included.

, use any of the following methods:
  • Click to purchase from the GMI online store
  • Contact GMI:
    FAX: (719) 548-7459
    Telephone: (800) 569-6312 or (719) 531-3599

Cover Art and photos from Peoples of the Buddhist World CD-ROM, Copyright © 2004-2006 Paul Hattaway,
Piquant Editions, and GMI. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. Photo Credits: Dwayne Graybill, Nancy Sturrock, Paul Hattaway


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