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FlightPlan Exploring the present and future of mission aviation.

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Purpose. Why was this made?

The FlightPlan CD-ROM contains the results of FlightPlan, the research project to document the status and explore the future of international mission aviation ministry.

Click here to read a brief introduction to the FlightPlan project.

PDF icon Click here to download a PDF summary of the FlightPlan research project and its findings. (69 KB)

Contents. What is on this CD-ROM?

The FlightPlan CD-ROM contains over 350 MB of material, including:

  • the 180-page FlightPlan Research Report covering all three phases of the project
    • Phase 1: Describing the Landscape of Mission Aviation
    • Phase 2: Exploring Perceptions, Needs, Opportunities and Challenges of Mission Aviation
    • Phase 3: Exploring the Future of Mission Aviation;
  • an Executive Summary providing an overview of the project and major findings;
  • slideshow Presentations including a FlightPlan Summary and a FlightPlan Full Presentation;
  • key Documents describing the world of mission aviation;
  • key Measures describing general aviation overall and mission aviation in particular;
  • a Document Library containing over 300 documents related to mission aviation;
  • a Mission Aviation Directory listing mission aviation-related organizations; and
  • a Web Directory with annotated links to websites related to mission aviation, grouped by topic.

Pricing. I do not see a price. How do I obtain one of these?

Distribution of the FlightPlan CD-ROM is limited to qualified individuals involved in Christian mission aviation ministry. If you are personally involved in mission aviation, click here to request a copy of the FlightPlan CD-ROM.

Technical Notes. Anything else I should know?

The contents of the FlightPlan CD-ROM are in Adobe Acrobat format and are best viewed using Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or later. You can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader from