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FlightPlan CD-ROM Request Only available to those in the mission aviation community.

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The FlightPlan CD-ROM is intended exclusively for the Christian mission aviation stakeholder community, including service providers, trainers, users and donors.

Click here to see a list of the contents of the FlightPlan CD-ROM.

To qualify to receive a copy of the FlightPlan CD-ROM you must personally be involved in one or more of the following:

  • Represent a mission aviation service provider; The logo for the Flightplan project
  • Represent a church or organization that uses mission aviation services; 
  • Represent a mission aviation training institute;
  • Represent a mission aviation support/advocacy group; 
  • Represent a church community that supports mission aviation;
  • Represent an aviation supplier/manufacturer;
  • Represent a seminary or missiological group working in mission aviation; or
  • Represent a donor or charitable foundation that supports mission aviation.

If you meet one or more of the above qualifications, please contact us to specify the number of CDs you wish to receive. GMI charges only for the cost of FlightPlan CD-ROM duplication ($2.00) plus shipping.


IMPORTANT: Please briefly describe your personal involvement in mission aviation when contacting us. (Your request for a FlightPlan CD-ROM will not be processed if you do not.) You can contact us here. Thank you.