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The Future of the Global Church DVD-ROM

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The Future of the Global Church DVD-ROM


Digital Collection and DVD-ROM combo

Retail Price: $62.49

Digital Collection available separately (Your Price: $49.99 $37.49)

Your Price: $53.99


Pub. Date: July 2012
Publisher: GMI
Format: Digital (accessable via website)

Retail Price: $62.49

Your Price: $53.99 (Buy it here)

All the charts, graphs, pictures, data, and information found in Patrick Johnstone's book, The Future of the Global Church is now available in two ................


What is the Digital Collection

The Future of the Global Church Digital Collection is your ultimate collection of materials from Patrick Johnstone's research. Designed for teachers, churches, presenters and researchers, this collection is Patrick Johnstone's personal effort to equip you with the data, graphics and presentations that will help you engage Christians with the past, present and future of global evangelization. This amazingly useful resource includes:

  • Access to download The Future of the Global Church eBook in PDF format
  • Every image and map from the book in five downloadable formats
  • 60 additional, exclusive PowerPoint Presentations (with speaker's notes) made personally by the author, Patrick Johnstone
  • End-user rights that allow you to use this information in your own presentations and research

By purchasing The Future of the Global Church Digital Collection, you will fully experience this amazing multimedia collection in three helpful formats:

  1. The eBook in PDF format
  2. Online access to the entire collection
  3. A physical DVD-ROM containing the PDF eBook version along with the extended online content (upon request + shipping/handling) for those in places with poor or unreliable Internet connections

The user license for this edition can be upgraded to the Commercial Collection at any time for the cost of the $50 difference in list price.

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