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Operation China A beautiful introduction to the world's largest mission field.

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Operation China


Introducing all the Peoples of China

Price: $29.95

Paul Hattaway, Author

Purpose. Why was this made?

Operation China CD-ROM contains the full text, as well as all the color photographs and maps from the Operation China book by Paul Hattaway (2001, Piquant).

Contents. What is on this CD-ROM?

  • includes important new and ethnographical and anthropological material
  • maps
  • statistics
  • linguistic classifications
  • over 704 full-color photographs of 490 people groups
  • foreword by Patrick Johnstone, author of the best-selling Operation World

The full content of Operation China, the 2001 book by Paul Hattaway, appears on the Operation China CD-ROM. Click the tab below to see descriptions and images from the book.

Features. What can it do?

  • based on field research; the harvest of more than ten years' work
  • indexed with an extensive bibliography of English and Chinese language publications
  • fully word and phrase searchable
  • information-packed but opening doors into the everyday lives of individuals

Endorsements. What are people saying?

"The most significant new contribution to missions research in 20 years!"

"A remarkable, graphic visualization of the urgent reality of the unreached people."

"Operation China is an essential tool for prayer, strategy and action."

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Pricing. What if I want to buy in bulk?

Operation China CD-ROM sells for US$29.95 plus shipping and handling. GMI is making available the following discount pricing (shipping and sales tax extra):

for 1-2 copies $29.95 each
for 3-9 copies $23.96 each
for 10-49 copies $22.46 each
for 50-99 copies $20.97 each
for 100-499 copies $19.47 each
for 500 or more copies $17.97 each

System Requirements. Can I run this software?

Operation China CD-ROM consists primarily of an Adobe Acrobat file and runs on Windows and Macintosh computers.

Minimum requirements to run Operation China CD-ROM:

Windows system requirements
Macintosh system requirements