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Peoples of the Buddhist World A beautiful introduction to the world's Buddhists.

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Peoples of the Buddhist World


Paul Hattaway's Guide to Evangelization

Price: $24.95

GMI published the CD-ROM edition of Paul Hattaway’s extensively-researched and beautiful guide, Peoples of the Buddhist World.

Purpose. Why was this made?

The world's 690 million Buddhists need Christ. What can one person do? A simple first step is to equip oneself with good information about Buddhist people:

  • information to pray effectively
  • information about how to share the gospel in an effective and sensitive way
  • information to motivate yourself and others to action

Toward this end, we are pleased to announce the CD-ROM edition of Paul Hattaway's extensively-researched and beautiful guide, Peoples of the Buddhist World.

Who does it benefit?

Contents. What is on this CD-ROM?

  • hundreds of beautiful, full-color photos
  • complete profiles of 238 Buddhist people groups
  • twelve articles on ministry to Buddhists
  • hypertext cross-reference indexes of names, languages and countries.
  • 38 brand-new maps of the Buddhist world, hyperlinked to the corresponding people profiles in a user-friendly PDF format

PDF   icon See sample map (PDF)
PDF   icon See sample photos (PDF)
PDF   icon See sample people profile (PDF)

Features. What can it do?

  • text, graphs, maps and photos may be copied and pasted for customized, non-profit presentations.
  • search for any word of phrase in the CD-ROM using Adobe Reader (included).
  • compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • installable to hard disk
  • The Peoples of The Buddhist World CD-ROM gives one the option to install the content of the CD to one's hard disk, enabling faster searches without the need of the CD-ROM in the drive.

Pricing. What if I want to buy in bulk?

The People of the Buddhist World CD-ROM is priced at $24.95 each (shipping and sales tax extra, where applicable).

Quantity Pricing
for 5-24 copies $19.95 each
for 25-49 copies $17.45 each
for 50-99 copies $14.95 eacah
for 100+ copies $12.48 each

Bookstores: Please contact GMI at the number below for bookstore pricing.

Technical Notes. Anything else I should know?

The CD content is in Adobe® PDF format and may be read on Windows, Mac or other platforms supporting Acrobat® Reader® or Adobe Reader, version 4.0 or above. Adobe Readers for Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP, and Mac 0S 9 and X are included.