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The Wisdom of African Proverbs Leveraging cultural heritage in our evangelistic efforts. (Currently out of print)

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Collections, Studies, Bibliographies (OUT OF PRINT)

Purpose. Why was this made?

The African Proverbs Project and GMI published a multi-faceted electronic research tool, The African Proverbs CD (for Windows). The culmination of a three-year international research project funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, this CD edited by Dr. Stan Nussbaum contained the information equivalent of over 30 printed volumes including:

Contents. What is on this CD-ROM?

  • Over 27,000 proverbs from dozens of African languages
  • 23 complete books, including 9 previously unpublished works
  • Excerpts of "key pages" from almost 200 proverb collections
  • An annotated bibliography of over 800 African proverb collections
  • An annotated bibliography of 279 research articles on African proverbs
  • 35 previously unpublished essays on the study and use of proverbs
  • 42 maps showing the status of African proverbs in over 1200 languages
  • A directory of over 1500 African languages, variant names, dialects, and locations
  • A biographical directory of more than 66 proverb collectors and researchers
  • A list of proverb collections in print, including publishers' addresses

Features. What can it do?

  • Search for proverbs on a given topic
  • Look for proverbs from a certain country or language on any topic
  • Download or print from the CD
  • Browse through proverb collections
  • Add proverbs and notes to a collection or document
  • Check a bibliography for books/documents relating to language/country
  • Visualize the status of proverb collections in each country
  • Read essays on proverbs
  • Get addresses of proverb collectors and researchers
  • Find out how to order proverb collections and studies
  • Discover more about the African Proverbs Project

Pricing. I do not see a price. How do I obtain one of these?

You can no longer obtain The Wisdom of African Proverbs. It is out of print.

For more African proverbs resources, check out the African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories web site at

System Requirements. Can my machine run this CD-ROM?

  • MS Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT
  • 4 MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 386DX CPU
  • 8MB Hard Disk Space

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