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The World of Islam "A 'must own' collection for anyone who works with Muslims."

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The World of Islam


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J. Dudley Woodberry, General Editor

Purpose. Why was this made?

The World of Islam CD-ROM contains some of the best in educational resources about Islam and Christian witness to Islam. Designed in partnership with Fuller Seminary and the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, this high-quality research and training resource is for Christians seriously interested in learning about Islam or those ministering in the Muslim context. It benefits field workers, professors, students, local churches, and concerned Christians.

Contents. What is on this CD-ROM?

The World of Islam - Version 2.0 contains 39 complete books and numerous articles on Islam and Christian witness to Muslims by scholars and practitioners, worth more than $800 if purchased separately.

Version 2.0 includes:

  • an extensive new course
  • Hughes' classic 750-page Dictionary of Islam
  • fourteen new articles on current issues (including contextualization and the roots of fundamentalism and militancy in Islam)
  • ten newly updated maps depicting the current situation of the Muslim world.
  • over 100 printable photographs of the Islamic world,
  • eight complete courses of study on Islam by noted scholars
  • complete, searchable text of the Qur'an,
  • annotated bibliography
  • links to web sites related to Islam
  • and much more. . . over 12,000 pages of resources!

You can see a complete listing of all the books and articles, maps and photos found on the CD-ROM by clicking on the tabs below.

Books and Articles

Features. What can it do?

The World of Islam, Version 2.0 includes a majority of its content in two versions:

  • the familiar PDF format (for Windows, Mac, and other computers with PDF readers)
  • the Folio Views® format (for Windows only) used in version 1.0.

Screenshots of the following capabilities can be seen in the tabs below

Fully-Searchable Dictionary of Islam
The CD contains a fully-searchable, 759-page PDF version of the classic, Dictionary of Islam, by Thomas Patrick Hughes (New in Version 2.0)

Sophisticated, Fast Searches in Folio Format
The Folio format offers very fast, sophisticated word, phrase, and proximity searching, and allows mixing of search types and counts of the number of "hits" from each element of the search.

Note also that many transliterated Arabic words with a variety of spellings have a search word with standard spelling "hidden" in the text with them, so in this example including "quran" in the search finds "Koran".

Search with Rankings in PDF Format
The PDF version also includes hidden search words, and has a different set of advanced search options, with particular strength in finding related words and doing relevance ranking of results:

Both versions preview search results (see above and below):

Both systems also have an in-depth electronic table of contents allowing you to quickly navigate to a particular section of a book or articles.

Screenshots. What does it look like?

Install to Hard Disk for even faster Searches
In addition, The World of Islam - Version 2.0 CD-ROM gives one the option to install the content of the CD to one's hard disk, enabling faster searches without the need of the CD-ROM in the drive.

Endorsements. What are people saying?

Christianity Today included the CD-ROM in its list of "The Best Resources on Islam" (January 7, 2021 issue), saying:

"This is an amazingly comprehensive collection of resources on Islam."

Evangelical Missions Quarterly called it:

"a 'must own' collection for any one who works with Muslims."

Pricing. What if I want to buy in bulk?

The World of Islam CD-ROM is available through a variety of Christian organizations, mission agencies, seminaries, etc. around the world. GMI is currently offering the following pricing (shipping and sales tax extra):

for 1-4 copies $39.95 each
for 5-24 copies $31.95 each
for 25-49 copies $27.95 each
for 50-99 copies $23.95 each
for 100 or more copies $19.95 each

Technial Notes. Anything else I should know?

The CD content is in Adobe® PDF format and may be read on Windows, Mac or other platforms supporting Acrobat® Reader® or Adobe Reader, version 4.0 or above. Adobe Readers for Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP, and Mac 0S 9 and X are included. The CD also includes the content in Folio® Views® format, along with reader software for Windows. The Folio version is particularly recommended for those wishing to do complex searches.


In addition, The World of Islam - Version 2.0 CD-ROM gives one the option to install the content of the CD to one's hard disk, enabling faster searches without the need of the CD-ROM in the drive.


If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, you must select "Install Acrobat (PDF) Version" on the third screen of the installation. The Folio Views version is not compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7.