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CD-ROMs Take a closer look at the world's religions and peoples.

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GMI creates, publishes and/or distributes CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs of key mission information collections about the world's countries, peoples and religions:

Operation World 2010 Personal CD-ROM Operation World CD-ROM is a research and mobilization tool providing the complete content of Operation World (text, tables, charts and maps) as a full-color PDF. This easy-to-use Enhanced eBook is perfect for using Operation World on the go, searching Operation World for specific content and much more.
The cover for the Operation World DVD-ROM

Operation World DVD is a prayer, research and mobilization platform including all features and content of the Personal CD-ROM. In addition, gain access to Operation World content not published in the book:

  • Extended global, country, religion, and denominational data tables.
  • Multimedia and other presentation resources.
  • Additional maps and full-colour graphs for each country.
Ideal for teaching on global evangelization, leading others in prayer for the nations, or engaging in mission research.
The cover for the World of Islam CD-ROM The World of Islam (out of print) includes over 12,000 pages of key books, articles, curricula, maps and images on Islam and Christian witness within the Muslim context
The cover for the Operation China CD-ROM Operation China contains the full text, maps and photographs of Paul Hattaways' book of 490 profiles of the people groups of China
The cover for the Peoples of the Buddhist World CD-ROM Peoples of the Buddhist World includes the full text, maps and photographs of Paul Hattaways' book of 238 profiles of the Buddhist people groups of the world
The cover for the Flightplan CD-ROM FlightPlan contains the extensive results of the FlightPlan research project documenting the status and exploring the future of international mission aviation ministries
The cover for The Wisdom of African Proverbs CD-ROM The Wisdom of African Proverbs CD (out of print) is the result of the African Proverbs Project, containing over 27,000 proverbs from dozens of African languages, 23 complete books of proverbs, an annotated bibliography of 800 proverb collections and 279 research articles on African proverbs

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