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GMMS 10.1 Data Prerelease The latest geographic datasets for your GMMS

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Two of our largest datasets, among others, have been updated:

  • Languages - points, polygons, and attribute information for all the world's languages from Ethnologue: Languages of the World, Sixteenth Edition
  • Operation World - Religious and secular demographics for every country from Operation World, Seventh Edition (2010)  along with an expanded selection of sample maps derived from Operation World data

Other major features include: 

  • Updates to province borders and populations, disputed borders, Jesus Film availability, evangelization status of language groups, people group points, and World Factbook data
  • Third-level (county) subdivisions of China added with Christian and demographic data
  • Omid Peoples, Languages, and Religions of South Asia with new fields of percent of population and population density
  • Digital Chart of the World – a highly-detailed digital basemap
  • An expanded set of populated places
  • Omid Peoples, Languages, and Religions of South Asia with district-level mapping and population statistics
  • Esri Data and Maps  for ArcGIS  - nearly 30 GB of additional GIS data including detailed terrain and elevation datasets, satellite imagery, and more
  • Various other significant updates