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HIS Registry of Geography Standardized codes for identifying geographical areas.

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Harvest Information System (HIS)

The Harvest Information System is a cooperative effort of several organizations who share a desire to facilitate the task of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the peoples of the world. We, at GMI, serve as stewards of the HIS data set. Check out the official Harvest Information System website for more information and additional data sets.


HIS assists mission sending groups in fulfilling their portion of the task, by improving the sharing of informationthrough the standardizing of categories and codes.

What is the Registry of Geography?

The function of the Registry of Geography (ROG) is to document a set of standardized codes used for identifying geopolitical areas. You can read more about the three levels covered by this code in the Overview section. The rest of the pages will be similar to the HIS database.

How can I obtain a copy?

The HIS: Registry of Geography is availbe to download for free! You can download the zip file on the Harvest Information System website..

Harvest Information System

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Harvest Information System