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Global Ministry Mapping System Version 2.0
With Atlas GIS 4.0 Software

A complete computerized mapping system for Christian ministry organizations including ESRI's Atlas GIS 4.0 mapping software integrated with GMI's Global Mission Base Map extensive global geographic data and mission-oriented statistical databases ready to use on CD-ROM.

Price: $399.95 (GMMS)

Upgrade from GMMS -- Price: $149.95 (GMMS - UP)

Click here to read GMI Vice President Bill Dickson's article: New Mapping Systems - The Inside Story.

New version 2.0 includes:

Atlas GIS 4.0, Full Retail Version
This full-featured Geographic Information System for Windows (from ESRI), turns statistical and geographic data into meaningful information for decision-making.

Atlas GIS 4.0 Software Features

For U.S. ministry mapping, the Full Retail Version of Atlas GIS 4.0 is available, including extensive U.S. geographic databases. Click here to learn more.

Global Mission Base Map

Get a jumpstart on missions mapping with GMI's Global Mission Base Map, containing research databases and detailed base maps of every country in the world!

Global Mission Base Map is the ever-growing result of a decade of digital mapping by the cartographers at GMI. It contains over 50 layers of geographic information for every country, usually including:

You can develop custom country/language thematic maps using data from Ethnologue and the Registry of Peoples and Languages, as well as a variety of missions databases including Operation World, Integrated Strategic Planning Database, Bible Translation Needs, Jesus Film, and other databases.

Global Mission Base Map also has over 100 finished thematic missions maps -- many in French and Spanish-- including digital versions of GMI's overhead transparency map sets.

The GMI cartographers are continuously updating the material on the Global Ministry Mapping System, as well as adding to the quantity, quality and detail of the maps. GMI supports a growing user group of over 350 Christian ministries in 40 countries using the Global Ministry Mapping System. To see how one agency is using this technology, take a look at the maps on Far East Broadcasting Company's web site.

The Global Ministry Mapping System is available only to qualified Christian non-profit ministries.
For more detailed information about this new CD, see What's New In Version 2.0?

System Requirements: Windows 3.1- 4MB Memory), Windows 95 - 8 MB Memory, Windows 98 -16 MB Memory, Windows NT 4.0 - 32 MB Memory. Additional memory will greatly improve performance. CD-ROM drive. Disk Space: 45 MB for Atlas GIS and GMMS software, 25-64 MB for Crystal Reports. Up to 550 MB additional for data depending on data required for your application. .

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