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Data Changes
Version 2.0

The directory structure of the GMMS has been changed. The name GMMSDATA replaces the name MAPDATA. Duplicate directory structures exist for files which use the Robinson projection. Thus \GMMSDATA\WLD_MAP4 and sub-directories contains project files and geo files which work with the new version of Atlas GIS (4.0). If you need files which work with earlier versions of the software, use the project and geo files in \GMMSDATA\WLD_MAPS or its sub-directories. There is also a \GMMSDATA\PROJECTS\SBC4 which has project and geo files which work with the new version of Atlas GIS. Use \GMMSDATA\PROJECTS\SBC for files which work with earlier versions. Files in other directories will work with any version.

A significant change in this version of the GMMS from earlier versions is that language data has now been validated. Thus it was decided to rename the two layers which previously had the word "unval" in them. LANG_AREAS is the new name for the UNVAL_LANG_POLY layer. LANG_POINTS is the new name for the UNVAL_LANG_PT layer.

If you need to convert project (.prj) files which have the old layer names, we have included the AGIS3TO4.EXE program. You can run the program with the Convert Project File button on the GMMS Main Menu. It is the same program which converts a project file to use the new 4.0 Robinson projection. Thus if your .prj file uses the old Robinson projection, do not use the program unless you wish to convert the .prj file to use the new Robinson projection. If you do not wish to use the program, project files with old layer names can be converted by opening them in a word processor which does not add control characters (e.g. Wordpad, Notepad, DOS Edit) and changing every reference of UNVAL_LANG_POLY to LANG_AREAS and UNVAL_LANG_PT to LANG_POINTS (upper case is required).

A geo file which is a merge of the language areas of the world (W_POLYLL) is in the \GMMSDATA directory. WLD_SCRP.PRJ uses this file and the ETH_ATTR table to create a map of the status of Scripture translation in the language areas of the world.

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