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Islam CD-ROM

GMI recently completed a three-year cooperative project to produce a CD-ROM of some of the best in educational resources about Islam and Christian witness to Islam. The CD is designed as a high-quality research and training resource for Christians seriously interested in ministering in the Muslim context. It will especially benefit field workers, professors, students, and local churches.

Click here to read Dr. Woodberry's essay entitled "Why go to all the trouble of creating a CD-ROM on the World of Islam?"

The centerpiece of "The World of Islam" is the marvelous new 850-page "Survey of Islam" by the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity. Also included are major seminary courses on Islam from Dr. Dudley Woodberry of Fuller Seminary School of World Mission, as well as the full text of some 50 of the best books, journal articles, and academic courses on Islam; an annotated bibliography; collections of maps and photographs; and links to Web sites related to Islam.

The CD is the result of a partnership between:

The CD uses Folio hypertext software and runs under MS Windows, version 3.1 and later. The software interface and most of the content are in English. Click here to see a detailed list of the works included on the CD.

The World of Islam CD-ROM is available through a variety of Christian organizations, mission agencies, seminaries, etc. around the world. GMI is currently offering the following pricing (shipping and sales tax extra):

Christian ministry leaders in non-western countries, and students preparing for Christian ministry, may purchase the CD-ROM for $19.95 each (plus shipping).

For more information, contact GMI at ([email protected]).

To order The World of Islam CD-ROM from GMI, click here.

The World of Islam CD-Rom can also be purchased directly from the UK, New Zealand and Australia; click here for contact information.

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