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The World of Islam CD-ROM

Detailed List of Included Works

Islam CD-ROM

The World of Islam CD-ROM (published July 2000) is the result of a partnership between the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, Fuller Seminary School of World Mission, The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization and Global Mapping International. It contains the full text of thirty-nine books, a variety of journal articles, seven academic courses on Islam, ten maps of the Muslim world, over a hundred beautiful color photographs, an annotated bibliography of books on Islam, and a list of related Web sites.

Books included on the CD (listed in alphabetical order by title)

  1. A Christian Approach to Muslims: Reflections from West Africa
  2. A Muslim and Christian in Dialogue
  3. Bell's Introduction to the Qur'an
  4. Beyond the Mosque: Christians Within Muslim Community
  5. Christian Approach to the Muslim
  6. Christian Mission to Muslims: The Record
  7. Christian Reply to Muslim Objections
  8. Christian Witness to the Muslim
  9. Christianity Explained to Muslims
  10. Christians Answer Muslims
  11. Christians Ask Muslims
  12. Cross and Crescent
  13. Dimensions of Witness Among Muslims
  14. Frontiers in Muslim-Christian Encounter
  15. Inside the Community: Understanding Muslims Through Their Traditions
  16. Islam and Christian Witness
  17. Islam in the Modern World
  18. Islam: A Christian Perspective
  19. Islam: An Introduction for Christians
  20. Islam: Challenge and Mandate
  21. Islam: Its Prophet, Peoples, Politics and Power
  22. Ministry in Islamic Contexts
  23. Muslims and Christians on the Emmaus Road
  24. Mystical Dimensions of Islam
  25. New Paths in Muslim Evangelism: Evangelical Approaches to Contextualization
  26. Origins and Sources of Gospel of Barnabas
  27. Planting Churches in Muslim Cities: A Team Approach
  28. Qur'an
  29. Reaching Muslims for Christ
  30. Reaching the Arabs: A Felt Need Approach
  31. Sharing Your Faith with a Muslim
  32. Survey of Islam
  33. Teaching of the Qur'an
  34. The Cross and the Crescent
  35. The Gospel and Islam: A Compendium
  36. The Jewish Foundation of Islam
  37. The Qur'an and the Bible in the Light of History and Science
  38. The Qur'an: The Scripture of Islam
  39. The Unseen Face of Islam

Journal Articles included on the CD (listed in alphabetical order by title)

  1. "A Case for Religious Freedom from the Earliest Sources"
  2. "Community Development in Islam and Christianity"
  3. Evangelical Review of Theology: Christian Mission and Islamic Da'wah, April 1996 (entire issue)
  4. "Faith and Iman: The Human Response"
  5. "Going Soft on Islam? Reflections on Some Evangelical Responses to Islam"
  6. "Missiological Issues in the Encounter with Emerging Islam"
  7. "The Muslim Understanding of Jesus"

Academic Courses included on the CD (listed in alphabetical order by title)

  1. Biblical Approach to the Muslim
  2. Folk Islam (Fuller Seminary)
  3. In the Family of Abraham: Muslims and Christians Reasoning Together
  4. Introduction to Islam (Fuller Seminary)
  5. Ishmael, My Brother
  6. Practical Approach to Muslims
  7. The People of God (in four parts)

Maps included on the CD (available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese)

  1. Islam Spreading Rapidly - Growing in Many Nations
  2. Major Unreached Muslim Peoples
  3. Major Muslim Groups of Central Asia
  4. The Spread of Islam
  5. Percent Muslim by Country
  6. Muslim Population by Country
  7. Distribution of Muslims
  8. Concentration of African Muslims and Christians
  9. Distribution of Sunni and Shia Muslims
  10. India: Third Largest Muslim Population of Countries in the World

Photographs included on the CD (with a few thumbnail samples of the 110 photographs on the CD)





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