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Custom Mapping Services for Missions

In addition to the standard overhead transparency map sets that GMI has produced, our mapping office provides a broad spectrum of custom mapping services for churches, Christian educational institutions, mission agencies, and individual missionaries. (See the article in the Summer/Fall 1998 edition of the GMI Info newsletter.)

We specialize in the mapping of country-level information for any nation of the world with the Global Missions Base Map product that GMI has developed. We also specialize in the mapping of indigenous people groups and information related to their access to the gospel (i.e. Bible translation, and evangelization status) based on the Language Mapping Project. Or, if you prefer, we can provide you with your own Global Ministry Mapping System on CD - mapping software and geographic databases to create your own missions mapping.

If you have missions information and you would like to discuss the idea of graphically displaying it in map form, please contact us. We have the potential to produce color or black and white maps for a fee in the following sizes:

Custom mapping ideas for missions... the world’s the limit!

The following is a sampling of the mission-related custom mapping that GMI has produced, with the type of ministry questions these maps seek to help answer:

1. Where are our church or organization’s missionaries?

sample map of a church's supported missionaries

2. In what other languages would GMI’s maps be most useful to me? [Spanish, French, Portuguese?]

Gateway cities map -- in Portuguese

3. Where are the unreached peoples or at least the one people group we are praying for?

map of Bakossi people of Cameroon

4. In what location is our ministry focused and what is its context?

USA map -- distribution of Hispanic population

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