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What People Are Saying about Operation China. . .

"The most significant contribution to missions research in 20 years.."
Dr David Barrett, President, Global Evangelization Movement

"The author is a pioneer in the search for China's unreached peoples. This book is a brilliant work of research on the spiritual frontiers of China... For all who have discovered that China's millions are precious to God, this book is a gold mine!"
Jim Ziervogel, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies

"A remarkable, graphic visualization of the urgent reality of the unreached peoples. "
Dr Ralph Winter, Founder, U. S. Center for World Mission

"I have relied much on the information in Operation China during compilation of the section on China for the latest edition of Operation World, due to be published in 2001. May this unique book go a long way to focus prayer on the need for the gospel among these peoples."
Patrick Johnstone, author of Operation World, WEC International, UK

"This book challenges us to get involved with China and the evangelism of nearly 500 different people-groups. The massive revival among the Han Chinese in recent decades may have led to a neglect of many other large groups in China which are still totally unreached by the Gospel. Operation China is an essential tool for prayer, strategy and action."
Tony Lambert, Director for Research, China Ministries, OMF International

"A helpful resource as we mobilize people to pray for China and reach these groups. The color photos help to give a greater vision and appreciation for the unreached peoples."
Paul Eshleman, President, The Jesus Film Project

"Carefully researched and brilliantly presented, this book will wake up those who think the Great Commission is virtually completed and bless those who want to see it completed. This book is a spiritual pacemaker, getting our hearts to beat in time with God's."
Michael O'Rear, President, Global Mapping International

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