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5 Places to Read the Operation World eBook Here are some great places to enjoy the Operation World eBook. The fourteenth Operation World resource in the set Ideas for Leaders.

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pdficon.gif 5 Places to Read the Operation World eBook

5 Places to Read the Operation World eBook

No one stands still for long these days. Each of us runs around doing errands, rushing to meetings, jogging for exercise and playing on the Wii or PlayStation until we fall down exhausted at the end of the day.

But your active lifestyle doesn't mean you can't pray for the nations! In fact, with the launch of the Operation World eBook, you can bring along this great resource wherever your schedule takes you.

And if you were having trouble imagining prayer on the go, here are the top 5 new places you can now read your Operation World eBook:


Place #1: The Commute

Well, this only works if you ride a bus, train or participate in a car pool, but you get the picture. What a great time to pull out your Operation World and pray for the country of the day. You can also look around your ride and see if there is a person from another country onboard. If so, find their country (if you don't know make a good guess) and pray for them as you ride.


Place #2: Sports Practice

We all have had to wait on kids who are finishing up practice of one kind or another. What if you took that 10 minutes of downtime to read up on a country and then pray? Then on the drive home you can share with your children what you learned and how you prayed.


Place #3: Auto Mechanic Shop

Sure they are getting faster and faster changing oil or switching out those tires, but you will still have a bit of time to read the day's country focus in Operation World. Take the time to read, pray and then share what you are reading with the person who cashes you out when the car is done.


Place #4: The Coffee Shop

Since it is our "third place" then we should make it a place of prayer right? While you are at the coffee shop of your choice enjoying a latte, take time to search the Operation World eBook for a topic that has been on your heart. See what country is dealing with that issue and pray for them. If you are at the coffee shop with a friend, introduce them to Operation World and challenge them to pray for the nations.


Place #5: The Airplane

People do a lot of eReading on airplanes. It sure beats carrying all those books around in your carryon bag! Well, on those long flights when you are going to another part of the country or the world, pull out your Operation World eBook and immerse yourself in the praise reports and prayer requests from the area of the world you are traveling to. Then take time to pray and ask God how He will use your visit to bless that nation.