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Ideas for Families The first Operation World resource in the set Ideas for Leaders. Find ways to help your family grow in their passion for praying for the nations

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10 Simple Ideas to Help You Lead Your Family in Prayer for the Nations

For anyone with children – young or old – you know how challenging devotions can be. You want your children to grow up with a passion to pray for the world, but how do you equip them, help them to build the discipline necessary and still make it fun? Operation World is an excellent resource for you to utilize as you lead your family in prayer!


Idea 1: Use the Operation World Wall Map as a key reminder for your family by hanging it in your home and referring to it as you talk about different parts of the world. You might even use push pins to mark each country that you have prayed for as you go through the book together.


Idea 2: Every evening, you have the opportunity to integrate the country of the day into your devotional time as a family. It might be a simple prayer you pray as the parent or you might go through the entry with the family. The key is that you are lifting your families' eyes and engaging them in prayer for others.


Idea 3: Go through the book as a family and identify which country falls on each of your birthdays. Allow each family member to take special ownership of that country and find ways for them to pray for that part of the world and invest in it. One idea might be to challenge each family member to sponsor a child from the country that represents their birthday in Operation World.


Idea 4: Pull down 5-10 flag images from the Operation World DVD and put them in a Microsoft Word document. Print it off and see how many flags your family can identify. Make sure you end the activity with prayer for those countries.


Idea 5: When you pray for the country of the day, have your family members guess which continent the country you are praying for is found on and see who gets the closest.


Idea 6: When your children have their next research project for school that requires data on a particular country or region, challenge them to use Operation World as one of their sources.


Idea 7: Consider adopting a country as a family and taking it on as a special focus of prayer. Ask God for opportunities to reach out to immigrants from that country in your city and pray for opportunities to serve that country through short term missions.


Idea 8: Watch the "State of the Gospel" presentation on the Operation World DVD as a family and talk about what God is doing in the world and how it affects their daily lives.


Idea 9: Use a tool like Google Translate ( to translate a simple phrase such as "Pray for the Nations" from the language of the country you are praying for so that your family can see what the language looks like. You can even listen to many of them.


Idea 10: Keep the digital version on your computer as a reference for your family and when a significant current event comes up in conversation take time to stop and pray for that part of the world.