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Ideas for Ministries The third Operation World resource in the set Ideas for Leaders. Find ways to help your ministry grow in their passion for praying for the nations

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10 Simple Ideas to Help You Lead Your Ministry in Prayer for the Nations

When we are in full time Christian service, prayer can become routine. Even if you are involved in a global ministry, sincere and dynamic prayer for the nations is rare. So how can you begin to be intentional about integrating prayer into your ministry life? What are some simple ways that you can lift the eyes of those who you are working with? Let these ideas get your juices flowing:


Idea 1: Many ministries have a daily/weekly/monthly chapel service with all the staff. If you have an event like this in your ministry, take a few minutes at the beginning of each service to pray for the country of the day. You might take the time to print out the entry from the Enhanced eBook CD or DVD and cut out the individual prayer items to pass out for various staff to pray for.


Idea 2: When you host your fundraising banquet or make your fundraising telephone calls, find ways to challenge your donors to pray for the nations. You may find that, as you pray together for a part of the world, it binds your hearts together in new and exciting ways.


Idea 3: For those of you whose ministry is focused locally, find ways to integrate prayer into your outreach efforts. If you run a homeless shelter, pray for the country of the day when you have your chapel service with those who are staying the night at your facility.


Idea 4: If you have a monthly newsletter or a weekly email blast, consider integrating a call to prayer into that publication with graphics you can download from the Operation World DVD.


Idea 5: The Operation World Wall Map is a good resource for you to give to major donors and volunteers involved in your cause. You can even talk with GMI about customizing the map with your name and logo.


Idea 6: When you have your annual planning retreats or key ministry planning meetings, make sure to use Operation World as a resource to pray for the countries that you are discussing in the meeting. Also remember that the DVD has many data tables and additional research tools that will be very helpful as you plan your global ministry efforts.


Idea 7: Consider integrating a challenge to prayer for the nations on your phone system. People who are on hold will benefit more from a call to prayer than from elevator music.


Idea 8: Give a copy of Operation World to each staff member along with their Christmas bonus. Challenge them to lead their families in prayer for the nations.


Idea 9: Put a link to the Operation World Web site on your ministry Web page and ask your partners in ministry to pray.


Idea 10: Encourage the leaders within your ministry to make prayer for the nations part of weekly department meetings and key staff events. Hold them accountable for taking prayer seriously within the ministry and celebrate together as you see the impact of praying as a community.


Blessings as you lead your ministry in prayer!