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Ideas for Youth Groups The fifth Operation World resource in the set Ideas for Leaders. Find ways to help your youth group grow in their passion for praying for the nations

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10 Simple Ideas to Help You Lead Your Youth Group in Prayer for the Nations

How do you bring the world to life for the teenagers that you are ministering with? So many young people are energized by action and causes, but prayer can be a challenge. Let us give you some ideas for how to help young people engage actively with prayer.


Idea 1: Make the floor of your youth room a big map and then visually talk through the country of the day. Have the youth touch the country and pray for the needs that exist in that part of the world.


Idea 2: Do an activity where everyone in the group has to pin a country to their body along with the 2-3 key prayer requests. Then have your group pray for the person as a representative of that country.


Idea 3: Integrate prayer for the nations into every youth meeting. Come up with a fun name for the time when you pray for the world and share interesting/different stats from that country.


Idea 4: Find out which countries the youth in the group have visited and ask them to pray for those countries and share their experience.


Idea 5: Create a World Flag Bingo game using the flags on the Operation World DVD.


Idea 6: Use twitter, facebook and other social media to remind the youth to pray for the country of the day.


Idea 7: Have your whole youth group go through the 60 Day Prayer Challenge. Use the prayer videos on to engage your group.


Idea 8: As a youth leader, keep up on the news. When God does something in a country that is an answer to the prayers you have been praying, stop and share it with the group.


Idea 9: Challenge the youth to use Operation World as a resource in school projects related to geography/social studies/world events/etc.


Idea 10: Send an email to all the parents of those in your group explaining your focus on prayer for the nations. Take some time to download the "Ideas" sheet for families from this site and send that along.


Blessings as you lead the next generation in prayer!