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LeaderTips: 50 LeaderTips The fourth Operation World resource in the set LeaderTIps. A large assortment of LeaderTips to use as fuel for prayer

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50 LeaderTips to Help you Lead others in Prayer

While we don't claim to have thought of everything, our goal is to give you creative tips that will help you utilize Operation World and lead others as they use the resource. If you have other ideas for tips, send them our way and we can add them to our list.


LeaderTip 1: Every meeting you lead can be placed in a context of prayer for the nations.


LeaderTip 2: Your email signature is a powerful place to challenge those you influence to prayer.


LeaderTip 3: If you raise support, why not ask your donors to pray for the nations in your next email update?


LeaderTip 4: Nothing raises the gaze of a church like praying for the nations.


LeaderTip 5: Are you in charge of your church bulletin? If so list a country and its prayer needs every week.


LeaderTip 6: Operation World starts at the global level, drills down to regions and provides country-by-country information. This gives you a full picture as you pray.


LeaderTip 7: Join with other leaders using Operation World on our facebook group. Search "Leaders Using Operation World" on facebook.


LeaderTip 8: Jason Mandryk shares a "State of the Gospel 2010" presentation on the Operation World DVD – don't miss it!


LeaderTip 9: Before you go into a meeting about a project in a certain country, look up the prayer needs for that country in Operation World.


LeaderTip 10: The new Operation World has insights on global hotspots. Make sure to check your CD or DVD under the "Regions" tab for insights on the world's troubled areas.


LeaderTip 11: Did you know you can save the maps from your Operation World Enhanced eBook for use in your ministry presentations?


LeaderTip 12: Next time you are on the phone with another ministry leader, ask them how they are leading their staff and donors in prayer.


LeaderTip 13: On the Operation World DVD, we provide the background data sets in MS Excel format for you to use in research and strategic planning.


LeaderTip 14: As you interact with your staff, ask them what country of the world they are praying for? If they aren't, challenge them.


LeaderTip 15: The Operation World Wall Map is a great tool to have in your office for reference and to discuss with staff/donors.


LeaderTip 16: On the Operation World DVD, you can download large/med./small images for many of the charts.


LeaderTip 17: Are you in a rush to create a PowerPoint today? The Operation World DVD has PPT files for every country with key data.


LeaderTip 18: On the DVD you can get a quick introduction to the Operation World team and learn some history about those who have helped create this tool.


LeaderTip 19: Brainstorm with your team about how you can integrate prayer for the nations into your ministry strategically.


LeaderTip 20: Did you know you can get the Operation World eBook on for your entire office by buying a multi-user license?


LeaderTip 21: Do you make donor calls? Why not pray together for a country of the world as you wrap up your time on the phone?


LeaderTip 22: Click on the "Features" icon on the Operation World DVD to jump from a country page to the maps, charts and data downloads.


LeaderTip 23: When is your next staff retreat? How can you integrate prayer for the nations into that event?


LeaderTip 24: Are you praying for the nations as a family? Remember that authentic leadership comes from your example at home.


LeaderTip 25: The Operation World CD and DVD have a powerful search tool that allows you to find all 21 instances where the book talks about "translation."


LeaderTip 26: Do you need an image of a country's flag? You can find it on your Operation World Enhanced eBook DVD.


LeaderTip 27: Do you need to improve your PDF skills. Check out Adobe's Help Section:


LeaderTip 28: This Operation World CD/DVD relies on PDF's many navigation options. Watch this Adobe video to learn more:


LeaderTip 29: Has Operation World inspired you to lead others in prayer? Get free missions maps to help you communicate the need:


LeaderTip 30: The Operation World DVD has an extensive list of global Mission Agencies for you to reference – many with websites.


LeaderTip 31: There are many "World Class" cities around the world. Are you praying for those who live there? Get a map to help you pray:


LeaderTip 32: To use a graph from the CD/DVD Operation World, use the Snapshot Tool to copy & then paste. Read the End User agreement first.


LeaderTip 33: Did you know that Operation World 2005 is available in Spanish?


LeaderTip 34: The Operation World Wall Map is a great way to remind those around you to pray for the nations. Buy it here:


LeaderTip 35: Did you know Adobe Reader 7.0 and higher have a "Read Aloud" feature where it reads the text for you? Look under view and click "Read Out Loud"


LeaderTip 36: Are you planning key events for your ministry? Operation World has a prayer calendar that lets you check quickly which countries are featured.


LeaderTip 37: If you want to copy text from Operation World, use the "Select" Tool in your tool bar, highlight the text and then hit CTRL "C".


LeaderTip 38: Look for openings in your ministry life to insert prayer for the nations. It has to be intentional on your part!


LeaderTip 39: Ask those you lead to share the countries God has put on their hearts to pray for. The result will likely be an amazing example of God's heart for the nations.


LeaderTip 40: How has Operation World changed you? Who have you shared that exciting growth step with?


LeaderTip 41: Don't miss the opportunity to build your own map based on Operation World data. Open your CD or DVD version and click on the "Build" link.


LeaderTip 42: The Operation World appendices have charts on population growth, countries by population and the world's largest cities.


LeaderTip 43: If you own the CD or DVD of Operation World you have limited rights to reproduce the content. Make sure to read the End User Agreement on your CD/DVD.


LeaderTip 44: The entire Operation World CD/DVD Table of Contents is linked so that you can jump to a country quickly.


LeaderTip 45: Why is geography, economy, politics and info on peoples important for prayer? It is because you need to understand a people to pray intentionally.


LeaderTip 46: Are you praying for world leaders? See the prayer items on page 976 of Operation World or visit to see an up-to-date list of leaders.


LeaderTip 47: The Operation World DVD provides PDF, PowerPoint and image files for many of the charts, graphs and summary data.


LeaderTip 48: Need country flags for a presentation? Each countries flag is on the Operation World DVD for you to download.


LeaderTip 49: Look for the code on your Operation World map to access a special resource online. If you don't have a map yet, check out this valuable resource:


LeaderTip 50: Ask God how He would like for your family/church/ministry to grow in their discipline of prayer and then as He speaks to you, make a plan of action!