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LeaderTips: Challenge for Prayer The first Operation World resource in the set LeaderTIps. Read ways to challenge your prayer life

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10 LeaderTips that Challenge You as You Pray

We all need to be challenged once in a while. So here you go! Read these 10 simple tips that will challenge you in your prayer for the nations.


LeaderTip 1: Ask God how He would like for your family/church/ministry to grow in their discipline of prayer and then as He speaks to you, make a plan of action!


LeaderTip 2: Why is geography, economy, politics and info on peoples important for prayer? It is because you need to understand a people to pray intentionally.


LeaderTip 3: Look for openings in your ministry life to insert prayer for the nations. It has to be intentional on your part!


LeaderTip 4: Are you praying for the nations as a family? Remember that authentic leadership comes from your example at home.


LeaderTip 5: Nothing raises the gaze of a church like praying for the nations.


LeaderTip 6: Your email signature is a powerful place to challenge those you influence to prayer.


LeaderTip 7: As you interact with your staff, ask them what country of the world they are praying for? If they aren't, challenge them.


LeaderTip 8: Do you make donor calls? Why not pray together for a country of the world as you wrap up your time on the phone?


LeaderTip 9: When is your next staff retreat? How can you integrate prayer for the nations into that event?


LeaderTip 10: How has Operation World changed you? Who have you shared that exciting growth step with?